elite development class Terms and Conditions

  • Where 10 days notice of cancellation is given, we can provide a 50% refund. Failure to provide this notice will render the booking void with no right of transfer or refund.
  • It is understood that neither Mark Hedley, the organisation providing facilities or any of their agents, servants or employees are liable in any way whatsoever for any loss, damage or injury sustained whilst in attendance at this course.
  • On course days, Mark Hedley Soccer Schools commences registration at 9:30am and courses close at 3:00pm. We are unable to supervise children left at course venues outside these times.
  • Where discounts are available, only one discount per booking may be applied. So for example, where a brother and sister are both booked onto two summer courses, the parent or guardian may choose whether to apply the subling discount (if available) or the multi-course discount (if available), but not both.

For more information please call Mark Hedley on 0116 279 1560
or complete our email contact form.